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Coaching New Drivers


The Coaching New Drivers course helps parents and guardians learn how to effectively coach new drivers so they can be prepared and confident when they start driving on their own.


Printable Forms

Iowa Driver's Manual

Waiver of Intermediate Driver's License Hr Restriction

Affidavit for Minor School License

IHCC Student Driving Contract

This contract is required as part of the enrollment process in the Drivers Education class from IHCC. The form must be filled out and signed by the parent or guardian.

Adult Consent Form

This form is required for anyone over age 18 who is enrolled in a drivers education course. This form is not for students under the age of 18.

Parental Consent Form

This form is for parents of students enrolled in Drivers Education class who are under the age of 18. This form is required for participation in the class.

Helpful Information for New Drivers

Gaining Experience

Driving in Bad Weather

Merging Turning and Passing

Are you a Safe Driver?

The Driving Coach Tips to Driving Safely and Responsibly

Avoiding Accidents

Behind-the-Wheel with ADHD

Behind the Wheel With ADHD Parent Webinar is now available for purchase through our website
* The Parent Webinar is presented in 3 modules, about 50 minutes each module, and each of the modules covers a different theme relevant to the topic of special risks associated with ADHD and driving: 
First Module:  Foundations, covers all the information on why teens with ADHD face serious risks not encountered by their mainstream peers.  In our experience, most parents do not have prior knowledge of these risks and the sobering statistics associated with ADHD drivers.
Second Module:  Parenting Strategies:  we offer specific information on the most serious challenges to driving skill and traffic safety encountered by teens who have ADHD or other learning differences. We offer tools, strategies, and recommendations on how  parents can coach their teens through this important training experience and keep them safe behind the wheel. 
Third Module:   Recommendations and Resources from the Professionals: we offer  an in-depth presentation of useful resources and recommendations from  professionals parents can use to help implement the strategies we suggest for enhancing the driver training experience for novice teen drivers with ADHD. We include take-aways for the important documents / templates that we recommend and professionals use. 
*  It is important to note that there is nothing else currently available to parents as a resource on this topic.  
* The retail price of the webinar is $62.
 Parents: Click here to access this great resource material.  https://behindthewheelwithadhd.com/product/parent-webinar/
 * Below is a promotional video about the people who created this webinar.  This link to the video is worth a look:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=k6DnMKjl7lE

Behind the Wheel

Permit Driver Training

Behind the Wheel Training

For Parents of New Drivers

Safety Products

Teenage Driving Contract Information

Intermediate License

Minor School License

Teen Driver Education 30 + 6 Information

Instructional Permit

Behind-the_Wheel with Autism

Individualized Drivers Education Program for Autism. ADHD and Anxiety