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Driver Education FAQs


Refund Policy

What is your refund policy?

General Information

Who will teach the Driver Education course?

How much will it cost?

When are fees due?

Is the school licensed?

Are your instructors licensed/certified?

Which course should I choose if I am under 18 years of age?

What if i am 18 years of age or older?

When do I need to get my instruction permit?

Am I guaranteed to get my license?

What do I need to do to get my Minor School License, Instructional Permit, Intermediate License or Full License?

Classroom Instruction

What can a student expect to learn in class?

What happens if I miss a class or I am late?

Behind the Wheel


Do you have any safety equipment in your school driving cars?

How do I sign up for a behind-the-wheel session?

Do I need insurance to receive behind-the-wheel instruction?

Do I need my instruction permit to take behind-the-wheel courses?

Do my behind-the-wheel sessions count towards my 20 hours?