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Our Driver's Education Philosophy

Learning to drive a vehicle is an important responsibility. We believe every parent wants their child to be safe and responsible behind-the-wheel.

Here at Safer Driver Solutions/The Driving Coach, we understand this and want to provide the coaching needed to become a responsible, safe and skilled driver. No two students learn the same. We pride ourselves on our individualized driver's education programs designed so students can learn in a safe, patient environment.

At Safer Driver Solutions/The Driving Coach, we have the tools and the expertise to educate your son or daughter on all pertinent laws and techniques to safe driving. We provide your child with the knowledge and confidence that they will need to pass our Certified Driver Education class and be comfortable on the road. 

We are a proud member of the Iowa Association of Safety and Education (IASE) and Driving Schools Association of America (DSAA)

Meet Andy Nelson

Andy is the owner of Safer Driver Solutions/The Driving Coach. He is also a classroom and behind-the-wheel instructor as well as a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

"My focus to provide the instruction in the classroom and behind-the-wheel that illustrates the advantages and importance of safe and responsible driving skills. I tell all my students that taking the information and advice from various points of view of driving, our instructors, parents and relatives, combined with what they learn in the classroom will allow them to create their own distinct driving style. It is their choice on how they choose to use that information. But driving is skill that can be used for your entire life. Driving is a privilege. Use it wisely and it can bring you success and satisfaction for a lifetime." 

Every student has the ability to learn how to drive. How the instruction is presented is critical to how well the information is retained. Time and patience are essential for success.

  • State of Iowa Licensed Secondary Teacher
  • Endorsed in Business and Drivers Education
  • Iowa's only Certified ADHD, Autism and learning challenges drivers ed school
  • Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (DRS)
  • Certified DCAT and DORE Driver Evaluator, one of only 2 in Iowa
  • BA in Psychology, Masters in Business Administration
  • Iowa Association of Safety Education (IASE) President
  • Business Entrepreneur for 25 years
  • Classic Car and Specialty Vehicle Expertise
  • Father of Three
  • Hobbies: Collector and Specialty Vehicles, Appraisals, Purchasing

 Andy resides in Richland with his family, Dani, Lexa, Rylie and Max. 


Meet Robert Scott Jr. (RG)

RG has been a Behind-the-Wheel Instructor for 7 years.

Robert Scott

RG spent 40 years in US Military, retired as an E-7, worked in various government positions, retiring as a GS-7. He currently serves in a security position for West Liberty Foods in Mount Pleasant.

As a certified drivers education instructor, RG is a professional and advocate of our the curriculum of safe and responsible driving skils, emphasizing on the attention to detail. Small things are never overlooked in teaching his students to become outstanding drivers. "My driving instruction is fun, very informative and given in easy steps as to be grasped by the most inexperienced beginning driver.

The #1 priority is that we instruct your son or daughter in being safe and becoming young adult, responsible drivers.

  • Iowa's only Certified ADHD, Autism and learning challenges drivers ed school
  • Certified DCAT and DORE Driver Evaluator, one of only 2 in Iowa

RG is married to Jo. In their free time, they enjoy camping.